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Using a RebozoThe Birth International Rebozo is a versatile and culturally significant product that enhances the birthing experience. Made from soft, colour-fast cotton, it provides strength, durability, and practicality for expecting mothers, midwives, doulas, and support persons. This technique facilitates the progression of labour and comforts the woman. It supports the woman’s pelvis, assists in contractions, and turns the baby into a favourable position for birth.

Birth International offers a Rebozo bulk pack perfect for childbirth educators who want to include this traditional tool in their practice sessions or offer it to parents. The Rebozo package includes a DVD, wall poster, handmade shawl, and a practical tear pad for pregnancy, labour, and birth.

Besides its role during pregnancy and childbirth, the shawl is a versatile fashion accessory and baby carrier, highlighting its cultural significance beyond childbirth.

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