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DopplersBirth International offers a variety of midwifery products, including dopplers. A handheld ultrasound that detects the fetal heart rate with an audible simulation, a doppler, is invaluable, especially during antenatal care and labour.

The Edan Sonotrax Fetal Doppler is waterproof and versatile with a clear LCD screen indicating the fetal heart rate. The Sonotrax doppler provides caregivers a cost-effective solution to meet routine obstetric requirements. You can also connect it to earphones or a recorder as it has an audio output.

The Hi-Bebe Pocket-Sized Foetal Doppler – a waterproof, non-invasive fetal heart-rate monitor, perfect for water births.

Our Huntleigh Sonicaid SR2 Heart Rate Display Doppler is a high sensitivity handheld digital doppler intended for general purpose screening of the fetal heart at all stages of pregnancy from as early as 8-10 weeks, right through to labour. It has a multifunction display, and you can even document intermittent auscultation.

Birth International also stocks Aquasonic Ultrasound Transmission Gel, ideal for all procedures requiring a viscous gel. Please take a look in-store for all your midwifery needs.

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