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Midwifery Supplies

Jane Palmer Using DopplerWe take pride in offering a broad spectrum of midwifery supplies meticulously customized to meet the demands of midwives operating in various contexts. They make birthing experiences safe and comfortable.

Midwifery Procedure Packs:

Within our extensive collection, you will find various birthing kits. They are designed to ensure the utmost convenience and hygiene during childbirth. These kits include sterile instruments and holloware. They also contain other essential items to support the midwifery practice. Besides birthing kits, we provide a variety of delivery space essentials. These range from dopplers to gauze products.

Bags and Storage:

We also offer bags and storage options for midwifery equipment and supplies. We also have handy bags great for medical use—a Fridge to Go Cooler bag and a Medical Wallet.

Blood Collection and Catherisation Equipment:

It is available on our website if you are looking for blood collection equipment. There are tapes, tourniquets, skin swabs, heel sticks for newborn babies and more. Additionally, our shop offers catheterisation equipment. Items include gel, kidney dishes, urinary drainage bags, and holders.

Protection Equipment:

Our range of protective gear includes gloves, cover gowns, masks, bed covers, goggles, aprons, hand rubs and hand sanitiser. These products are essential for professional practice. They protect patients and us during medical procedures.

Measuring and Scales:

A range of scales are available to track your patient’s weight. Retractable tape measures are convenient in size and are suitable for on-the-go equipment. For travelling midwives, there is the Marsden Hand-Held Baby Scale. Used in conjunction with a soft and durable sling, you can weigh babies with confidence.

Also, Birth International sells other midwifery essentials. These include creams, solutions, and diagnostic equipment. Also, disinfectant, cleaning supplies, dopplers, gauze products, and holloware. These are some of the products available in-store.

We are advocates for the holistic well-being of mothers. We also offer a selection of postpartum care supplies. Some products include MamaCool cooling pads for post-birth and Peri Bottles for postpartum hygiene and comfort. They provide comfort and aid recovery. We understand the significance of a comprehensive approach to maternity care. Our product range reflects our dedication to providing solutions. We focus on the health and happiness of both mothers and newborns.

They have the tools they need to deliver exceptional care during the sacred and transformative moments of childbirth.

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