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Catheterisation Equipment

Catherisation Equipment

Birth International specialises in providing essential catheterisation equipment for childbirth. In addition to catheters, we also offer necessary accessories like Urinary Drainage Bags. We’ve designed our products for healthcare professionals and their patients.

One of our cornerstone products is the Foley Catheter FG12 x 40 cm. It is made entirely of silicone, which offers durability and reliability. The catheter facilitates bladder emptying during childbirth, ensuring patient comfort and safety. Moreover, the sterile water inflation method and 5-10ml balloon capacity provide secure placement without discomfort. We offer a range of sizes to cater to individual patient requirements.

  Also, we offer the FG12 x 40cm Nelaton catheter, perfect for intermittent catheterisation. We designed it for one-time use to minimise the infection risk. Crafted from medical-grade P.V.C. and free from DEHP and latex, it meets healthcare standards. Its ergonomic design and smooth surface enable comfortable catheterisation for patients requiring regular use.

Our urine collection bags can hold up to 2000 ml, ensuring no spills or leaks. Moreover, secure closures and durable designs ensure peace of mind for patients and caregivers. Additionally, the Urinary Drainage Bag Holder works seamlessly with our drainage bags. It is adjustable and significantly enhances convenience during catheterisation procedures.

At Birth International, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch catheterisation tools and accessories. We ensure patients’ safety, comfort, and satisfaction in obstetric care. Our products aid healthcare professionals in providing optimal care for patients during childbirth and beyond.

These are some of our catheterisation equipment products. Make sure you check out others in our shop.

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Catheterisation equipment

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