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Blood Collection Equipment

Blood Collection Equipment Birth International has a range of blood collection equipment available in-store for you to check out. You will find many essential products necessary for blood collection.

Our SM Tourniquet is disposable and easy use in emergencies as it is designed for a rapid application. The SM tourniquet is latex-free and features a plastic clip that prevents pinching or jamming when used on patients. In addition, it is soft and comfortable, ensuring patient comfort.

Another product is our Safe-T-Pro Lancet, a single-use lancet with three penetration depth settings: low, medium, and high. The product settings suit the skin thickness for optimal lancing with minimal pain, and the needle propulsion completes lancing within three milliseconds.

For neonatal nurses, we have the BabyLance Saftey Heelsticks for newborns. These safety heel sticks have earned worldwide popularity for their smooth and accurate incisions, ease of use and safety. Additionally, the babyLance’s™ proprietary internal spring activates its blade’s swift pendulum action, delivering an ultra-smooth incision that complies with CLSI LA4-A5 guidelines to reduce trauma to an infant’s delicate subcutaneous tissues.

Birth International has many more blood collection equipment products, for example, Transpore tape and BD Vacutainer holders. Please visit our shop to check out what’s on offer.

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