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Birth International – Providing midwifery workshops and childbirth education resources since 1985

Birth International – Helping midwives empower new mums everywhere.

The history of Birth International

Birth International was established initially by Andrea Robertson, a childbirth educator with an international reputation for her extensive experience and skills in childbirth education. 

In 1985, Andrea established Associates in Childbirth Education (ACE). ACE was a private educational consultancy with the aim of:

  • training childbirth educators
  • providing in-service training, and 
  • updating workshops for midwives and other health professionals interested in birth

Andrea also set up the sister business, ACE Graphics, which developed a unique range of teaching aids, equipment and books supporting the “active birth” philosophy and midwifery care.  

1997 heralded the formation of the company Birth International, bringing Associates in Childbirth Education and ACE Graphics under the same umbrella.

Andrea ran Birth International until 2015, when she tragically died suddenly and unexpectedly. She’s greatly missed by both those who knew her personally or via the birth education profession.

On 25 November 2015, Jane Palmer from Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Pty Ltd purchased the assets of Birth International. Jane later established Birth International Pty Ltd on 1 July 2018. 

Why we’re different

Birth International is the only organisation in Australia that:

  • runs a range of courses for hospital midwives within health facilities
  • offers training courses on active birth and childbirth education for health professionals
  • provides a range of active birth products
  • produces and publishes our range of teaching aids (in Australia) 

We’re also well-known for: 

  • having a clear vision of our purpose and objectives
  • our enthusiastic staff, who support the company’s goals and philosophy
  • our high-quality service
  • being independent of health care systems
  • our ability to act quickly to fill gaps in services or products
  • responding promptly to our client’s needs
  • taking considered risks where necessary

Meet Jane Palmer

Jane Palmer Managing DirectorBirth International’s Managing Director, Jane Palmer, has worked in childbirth education for over 30 years. After qualifying as a midwife in 1997, Jane entered private midwifery practice a few years later. Today, she practices as a private midwife, lactation consultant and childbirth educator.

Jane’s broad experience enables her to support women birthing in a hospital or at home. She also regularly campaigns to promote breastfeeding, improve maternity care, and enhance the rights of parents. In addition, Jane is passionate about supporting midwives who want to start a private midwifery practice.

On an educational level, our Managing Director has been both childbirth educator for parenting and birth preparation courses and supervisor for those completing the Graduate Diploma of Childbirth Education. In addition, since 2010, Jane facilitates workshops for midwives.

In the business world, Jane continually shares her expertise as the Managing Director of:

  • Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Pty Ltd (1992 to present)
  • PBB Health Centre – A midwifery and medical health centre (Established 2012 and sold 2017)
  • Birth International Pty Ltd (2015 to present)
  • Jane Palmer Midwifery Pty Ltd (2018 to present)

As the face of Birth International, her responsibilities include:

  • creating new and exciting products
  • revising current products
  • writing or amending our books
  • developing new workshops
  • increasing accessibility to products that support midwifery practice

Fundamentally, Jane Palmer is devoted to educating and supporting parents to achieve a positive pregnancy, birth, and post-birth experience.

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