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Bags and Storage

bags and storage

Birth International offers a variety of bags and storage devices for emergencies, travel, seminars, and workshops. You can even use them to arrange your daily midwifery equipment.

We have the Fridge to Go Cooler Bag if you require a bag that can hold cold contents for up to eight hours. Unlike any other product, this cooler bag is a unique range of more fabulous bags. The bag is durable, collapsible, easily stored, reusable, environmentally friendly, B.P.A.- and PVC-free, and lead-safe. They also contain bio-degradable panels containing non-toxic purified salt water. The Fridge to Go Cooler Bag is ideal for a midwife transporting medications that need to stay cold.

For antenatal and postnatal usage, we have the Midwifery bag Home Care. This versatile home-care bag has internal compartments that allow you to organise your midwifery supplies and quickly locate items. The bag can be used as a backpack or converted into a carry bag by zipping the straps into the concealed compartment. Another benefit of the bag is that it contains a chill pack designed to store ampoules, which is a great place to put synthetic oxytocin and other midwifery medications. You can adapt the interior layout of the bag to suit your needs.

Moreover, the Zuca Midwifery Bag, Frame, and Pouch Set come in a sleek black, making them stylish and highly functional for enhanced organisation. This midwives’ set includes four large pouches to store and access supplies. The Zuca Midwifery Bag has durable construction and thoughtful compartments for efficient and professional midwifery duties.

Birth International has more in-store bags and storage options, so please look.

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Bags and Storage Products


Bags and Storage

Educator’s Small Kit Bag

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