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Labour and Birth Charts

Labour and Birth ChartsBirth International stocks a wide range of labour and birth charts illustrating the different positions in each labour stage, labour pain and more. These charts are valuable for educators to help parents picture topics and are ideal for antenatal programs and to display in your clinic room or other settings.

The Positions for the Second Stage of Labour chart can be used in teaching and displayed in labour wards to remind the mother of labour positioning. In addition, the illustrations will help parents visualise various positions for a comfortable and efficient labour experience.

The Amniotic Membrane Rupture chart is an informative illustration providing the perfect means to instruct about amniotic membrane rupture. The chart shows different images of spontaneous and artificial rupture.

We also have a set of labour pain charts. These charts provide background information to explain the points on each pain chart—an excellent resource for childbirth educators. Our labour pain charts come with handy notes for further reference during your presentations. Labour pain chart titles, including Adrenaline, Endorphin, Oxytocin, and more, are also available in our shop.

If you need more charts to display in your labour and birth classes, please visit our shop to check out more of our products.

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Labour and Birth Chart Products


Labour and Birth Charts

Cardinal Movements Chart