Rebozo Bulk Pack


Buy in bulk and save 20%. The rebozo is a wonderful comfort aid for pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period.  It’s primarily used in labour as a simple, easy-to-use strategy for rocking the pelvis, easing pain and helping the baby to turn into a favourable position. Buy a pack of 10 at this discount price – Ideal for childbirth educators who can incorporate the use of the rebozo into labour practice sessions or even on-sell them to parents at the recommended retail price. The size of the Rebozo’s are approximately 570mm x 2000mm

Rebozo × 10

This handmade, cotton rebozo is perfect for use during pregnancy,  labour and in the post-natal period. In labour, it can be used to help mobilise a woman's pelvis, support her during contractions and assist in turning the baby into a favourable position for birth. The size of the Rebozo's are approximately 570mm x 2000mm

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