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Pads and Underpads

Birth International provides top-quality pads and underpads that cater to various needs, focusing on comfort, hygiene, and dependability. Furthermore, Birth International prioritises sustainable practices and high product standards while minimising environmental impact.

Bluey Underpads deliver reliable protection against leaks and spills. They feature a five-layer absorption system, ensuring optimal dryness and comfort. Thus, these underpads are suited for various uses, including medical applications, postpartum care, and general hygiene needs.

The Comfylay Underpad Large is ideal for those needing a larger underpad. Firstly, this underpad offers superior protection, coverage, and absorbency. Additionally, the larger surface area ensures that it captures and contains fluids, providing peace of mind for users in various settings. Moreover, this product can hold up to 5.2 litres of liquid.

The TouchDry Plus Absorbent Bed Pad elevates absorbency to the next level. It features advanced moisture-absorbing technology, ensuring dry, comfortable sleep. Moreover, its exceptional absorption capability makes it perfect for individuals with incontinence or those recovering from surgery.

Birth International offers items such as underpads and Thermal Blankets. This versatile blanket provides warmth and comfort for healthcare settings, home use, and emergencies. Furthermore, the high-quality material ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

For little ones, the Cotton Baby Blanket combines softness and safety. Made of soft cotton, it offers a cozy and safe space for babies. It’s suitable for all seasons, providing comfort for babies.

Birth International’s commitment to quality extends beyond individual products to encompass a dedication to customer satisfaction. Our pads prioritise comfort and functionality. Birth International offers innovative healthcare and hygiene products with excellent customer service.

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Pads and Underpads