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Charts on Sale

Charts on SaleBirth International has a range of charts on sale. Charts include pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding, childbirth education and midwifery. You can also use these charts as an educational display on your office or clinic wall.

We have available Labour and Pain Charts that cover adrenaline, endorphins, oxytocin, slow progress labour and pain. The chart is educational and informative, explaining pain’s various sources and characteristics. They are ideal for professionals to utilise in different discussions.

Another chart on sale is the Positions for an active birth in the first and second stages of labour. You can display this chart in birth units as a reminder for helpful labour positions. This chart is also ideal for birth education classes and shows comfort positions for the first stage of labour.

The Peanut Birth Ball Poster forms part of our unique range of products to support midwives, childbirth educators, doulas and other health professionals in educating women and their families about birth—ideal for displaying on the wall or using while teaching expectant parents.

However, that’s not all; we have more charts available in our shop for you to check out. So don’t miss out on our sale and get your charts now at a discounted price.

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