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Complete Desk Set ChartsBirth International stocks various informative and professionally presented desk set charts on pregnancy, labour and birth. Additionally, we have newborn health chart desk sets, including a technical series. We have designed these products to benefit your educational classes, and you may even use them in your clinic as an informational chart for expectant parents.

The Process of Giving Birth Flip Chart is a thick-paged flip chart featuring 12 full-colour front panels (English with Spanish subtitles). It includes images of pregnancy and birth from conception through to expulsion of the placenta (involution). The front panel topics include the first, second, and third trimesters. It is a comprehensive tool for presenting the entire birth process.

The Desk Set Charts Technical Series contains popular Birth International charts in a convenient format for individual or clinic use.

Furthermore, Birth International included ten charts in the Desk Set Charts Technical Series set. We include pelvic station, posterior position and rotation, progress in labour, cascade intervention and labour pain. These charts are laminated, spiral-bound and are a standard A4 size (210mm x 300mm).

Also, we have available the Complete Desk Set Series. Included are nine pregnancy charts, twenty-two labour and birth charts, and ten technical series charts with a booklet. It is the perfect set at a more affordable price.

We have more desk sets and educational products for you to check out in our shop. So don’t delay, buy now!

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