Photo Competition

Photo Competition The Best Place to Read ‘Preparing for Birth: Mothers’ We are excited to [...]

Dr Kate Levett

BEd (HME, Hons I), MPH (Epi), PhD, Adv.Dip.App.Sci (Acup), Grad. Dip Jap. Acup (Manaka). Kate [...]

Midwifery Documentation and Forms

Obtaining the required midwifery documentation and forms as a privately practicing midwife in Australia can [...]


Midwives at Sydney and Beyond: A private midwifery group practice going strong one year on

Upon graduating from Midwifery in early 2009, after a very hard year of training in [...]

Midwives and Medicare: A Personal Perspective

For years women and midwives have campaigned for Medicare for midwifery services. In 2009 Maternity [...]

Collaboration or control? Midwifery and Obstetrics

SOME very positive recommendations for women and midwives have come from the National Maternity Services [...]

Midwives and Social Media

Midwives are becoming more engaged with social media and electronic communications in both their professional [...]

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