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IV Therapy

IV therapy is essential for delivering fluids and medication into the bloodstream. We provide a wide array of therapy supplies to support comprehensive patient care. Our IV set, crucial for the safe and precise administration of blood, is essential for critical therapies. This kit boosts patient recovery and well-being.

We offer the Sangofix IV Administration Set and IV Starter Kit to ensure safe and sterile IV therapy. These IV kits promote safety and prevent patient infection, providing a comprehensive solution for healthcare needs.

Moreover, vascular access is a pivotal aspect of IV therapy. The Introcan Safety IV Cannulas provide secure and safe access to veins. Furthermore, the IV Valve provides sterile IV-line access, preventing contamination for therapy delivery.

The Vacutainer sets, available in 21G and 23G sizes, make blood sampling easy and accurate. Furthermore, proper hydration and electrolyte balance are crucial elements of in-patient care. So, our IV solutions are designed to promote patient recovery by maintaining physiological balance.

The latex-free Tourniquet enhances patient comfort, ensuring safe and comfortable IV insertions. Additionally, proper skin disinfection before IV insertion is fundamental to preventing infections.

Furthermore, securing the lines and dressings is critical for therapy delivery. The 25-mm-wide Transpore Tape offers strong adhesion, ensuring secure placement for the entire duration of the treatment.

Our Luer Slip Syringe ensures accurate and reliable medication administration. Additionally, our 10ml sterile water and sodium chloride solutions aid in effective treatment, providing a comprehensive approach to patient care.

These supplies are indispensable for ensuring safe and comfortable IV therapy. We’re committed to helping healthcare workers get the best results for their patients.

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IV Therapy Products

Blood Collection Equipment

Transpore Tape 25mm


Catheterisation Equipment

Water for Injection 10ml


Catheterisation Equipment

Basic Dressing Pack


Catheterisation Equipment

Terumo Luer Slip Syringe