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Midwifery Procedure Packs

Midwifery Procedure Packs Category ImageIn Birth International’ store,  we offer Midwifery Procedure Packs. You can use this equipment for emergencies or as an on-the-go pack. They contain a midwife’s essential equipment, including sponges, kidney dishes, a dressing pack and disposable instruments.

The IUD Insertion Kit is disposable and easy to use, with quality consumables and medical-grade stainless steel instruments. It saves setup and sterilisation time for IUD Insertions. The pack includes swab sticks, gallipots, a kidney dish, a large vaginal speculum, mayo scissors, tenaculum forceps, a sponge holder and more.

Birth International’s custom sterile single-use Birth Bundle Large Disposable is a comprehensive birth pack with four instruments, two kidney dishes, a hand towel, an umbilical cord clamp and a wrap. Additionally, we have a sterile Perineal Suture Kit, which is latex-free and disposable.  Excellent, especially if you want to minimise the storage space in your clinic.

Our Birthroom Bundle Disposable is a sterile disposable set containing a placenta basin, bowl, drape, scissors, an umbilical cord clamp and Spencer Wells forceps. We also have a Birth Pack with no instruments; it includes two sterile fields, one blue bowl, one kidney dish, a gallipot, five abdominal sponges and a cord clamp.

We have more midwifery procedure packs in our shop that you should check out.

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Midwifery Procedure Packs Products

Midwifery Procedure Packs

Maternity Suture Set Sterile


Midwifery Procedure Packs

Suture Pack 4 Instruments


Midwifery Procedure Packs

Suture Pack 5 Sterile


Midwifery Procedure Packs

Suture Pack 1 Sterile


Catheterisation Equipment

Basic Dressing Pack


Midwifery Procedure Packs

Birthing Pack


Midwifery Procedure Packs

Birth Pack Disposable Basic


Midwifery Procedure Packs

IUD Insertion Kit Disposable