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Midwifery Supplies On Sale

Midwifery Supplies On Sale Category Image Birth International carries a wide range of on-sale midwifery supplies supporting midwifery services within private practice and the healthcare system. These products are essential for practising professionals undertaking different procedures every day.

Included in our on-sale midwifery products is the Combur 9 strip. They can detect leukocytes, nitrites, pH, protein, glucose, ketones, urobilinogen, bilirubin and blood. In addition, they give fast results for urinary tests visually or instrumentally.

Next is our VanishPoint Safety Syringe 1ml U-100 29G x 13mm It virtually eliminates the risk of a needlestick injury by being single-handed, with passive activation, and your hands remain behind the sharp integrated safety mechanism. It also prevents recapping, and needle removal remains safe throughout their disposal.

That’s not all; we also have an on-sale disinfectant product, the Promed Protowel 70% Alcohol Wipe which is ideal for use on hard surfaces in the clinical setting. These large wipes are 420mm x 140mm and the easy-to-use canister holds 75 wipes. The wipes contain hospital-grade bacterial disinfectant. Additionally, the container is airtight, preventing the product from drying out.

We have more on-sale products available in-store. Check out our various shop categories to discover more.

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Midwifery Supplies On Sale

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