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Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic EquipmentBirth International’s shop offers diagnostic equipment useful for client investigation. Our products include stethoscopes, Combur 9 test strip, SM patella hammer, an oxygen cylinder key and more. These products will help measure and observe various aspects of your client’s health so you can form an accurate diagnosis.

We have available a Blood Pressure Kit with a Stethoscope. It is an Aneroid model sphygmomanometer complete with Basic Stethoscope. Ideal for health professionals like midwives to monitor pregnant women’s blood pressure during a prenatal checkup. Also, pregnant women can use the product to monitor their blood pressure at home if required.

Another of our products is the Thermasonic Multi-Bottle Gel Warmer. It rapidly heats ultrasound gel and consistently monitors its temperature.

With durable construction, the Thermasonic Multi-Bottle Gel Warmer is suitable for wall mounting or countertop use, and the multi-bottle unit has adjustable temperature settings. Plus, we also have available the Thermasonic Single-Bottle Gel Warmer. Each unit comes with a two-year warranty.

Also, we have SD Uro ColorTM 10 tests. This product helps to determine the presence of, among others, blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketone, protein, nitrite and glucose in urine. It has a 24-month shelf life and is used only for in vitro diagnostic.

Please take a look in-store now at our full range of diagnostic equipment.

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