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Active Birth Products

Active Birth ProductsBirth International offers Active birth products that enable women to be mobile and move freely during labour and birth. In addition, we have equipment that helps enhance a woman’s birth experience by keeping them active and allowing them to adopt different positions, which helps them manage contractions and improve labour progression.

We have a Birth Support Rope, especially made for Birth International. A rope or cloth is a fantastic addition to the birthing room, as pulling downwards in labour is an age-old birthing tool. The rope needs to be securely attached to the ceiling but can be positioned over mats, birth pools or any convenient spot in the birthing room. Using a support rope can potentially shorten the second stage of labour, as it helps women maintain an upright position such as squatting or kneeling.

The Croyde Kneeling Mat is a perfect size and is explicitly designed to provide comfort while kneeling. Birth International’s mat ensures that the coldest hospital floors feel comfortable, even after long periods. It is an ideal tool to help midwives support women during childbirth and ensure the birthing process is worry-free and infection-free.

Our Active Birth Stool also enables women to keep a comfortable yet upright position throughout labour and birth. As a stable piece of active birth furniture, it’s versatile and helps facilitate a secure and enjoyable birth experience during each stage of labour.

Birth International understands and cares about midwives. In addition to providing the best equipment for the mother during childbirth, we are also invested in enabling midwives to provide the best care possible. Buy now!

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Active Birth Products

Active Birth Products

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Active Birth Products

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