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Measuring and Scales

Measuring and ScalesBirth International sells measuring and scale products in-store under the midwifery supplies category. Scales and measuring equipment will help you keep track of a baby’s vital health indicators, such as weight, length, and head circumference. This essential information lets you identify if the baby is growing according to its milestones.

The Seca 354 Electronic Baby Scale features a detachable tray for easy cleaning and portability, and you can weigh infants on the tray and toddlers on the platform. It can weigh up to 20 kilos, which is great for monitoring a baby’s growth.

The shop also offers hanging scales. For example, we have available the Seca 310 Mechanical Circular Dial Scale. Additionally, you can partner it with our hanging scale sling. The sling is soft, durable and made of 100%  cotton, making it ideal for securing newborn babies when weighing.

However, that’s not all; we also have a pregnancy calculator, measuring tapes and more. Visit Birth International’s shop to discover more about the products on offer.

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Measuring and Scales Products