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Birth Balls

Birth BallBirth International offers a wide range of birth equipment. We have different birth balls that help women ease labour pain and shorten the first stage of labour. Women can adopt various upright positions, like squatting and kneeling, using a birth ball to help their labour effectively.

The Peanut Birthing Ball 50 cm is an innovative ball that provides women excellent stability and support. The 50cm peanut birth ball is blue and is ideal for women measuring 155cm to 165cm. We also have a peanut ball available in green that measures 60 cm and is suitable for women measuring 165cm to 180cm.

Birth International also offers a Birthing Ball 65cm with a Pump, which is excellent for use in pregnancy and labour. It can help relieve back pain and pregnancy discomfort and assists with successful prenatal exercises to help women keep fit during pregnancy and build strength for labour.

If you need help storing your birthing balls while not in use, our Birthing Ball Stacker PolyCarb Ring is perfect. For use in a home or small studio, it is also a practical display stand for small, restricted areas.

Birth International has more birth balls and accessories available in our store that are worth checking out, so please take a look.

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