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What's New CategoryAt Birth International, we consistently evaluate our What’s New product range. We do this to deliver the latest and best-suited products. We do this for midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, and all professionals in maternity care.

Here’s how we actively ensure we’re providing top-notch products:

Stay informed.

We keep up with the latest developments, research, and trends in midwifery.

We attend conferences, workshops, and webinars to stay connected and learn about new products and practices.

Seek feedback.

Birth International engage with our customers. This includes midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, and other professionals. We gather feedback on our existing products. We inquire about their needs and preferences. This undoubtedly helps us identify areas for improvement and potential gaps in our current range.

Collaborate with professionals.

We work with midwives, childbirth educators and other experts in the field. We collaborate with them to understand their challenges and needs and involve them in developing or selecting new products.

Track Industry Trends.

We stay aware of industry trends and emerging technologies. This includes monitoring advancements in birthing equipment. It also covers educational materials and innovative approaches to maternity care. We consider partnerships with companies or individuals at the forefront of these trends.

We review our product catalogue periodically.

Birth International retire outdated or less popular items. We introduce new products that align with current best practices and address the evolving needs of maternity care professionals.

Additionally, we offer educational resources, training materials, and our products. This includes providing online courses, workshops, or certification programs. They support ongoing professional development.

Environmental Considerations.

We consider eco-friendly and sustainable options for our products. Many professionals and consumers are more aware of the ecological impact of their products. We offer environmentally friendly choices as a positive differentiator.

Finally, we must maintain an active and responsive approach to product management. It ensures that our offerings align with the evolving needs and standards in the maternity care field.

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