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Books On SaleBirth International has many books on sale in our shop. Our book titles are chosen with care based on their popularity, practicality and relevance to midwifery and parent education. We also reserve titles hard to find elsewhere.

On offer is the Andrea Robertson Library Pack, which contains all four of Andrea Robertson’s best-selling titles at a special discount of 20% off (if each book is purchased individually). The four books included are Empowering Women, Preparing for Birth: Mothers, Preparing for Birth: Fathers and The Midwife Companion.

The Midwife Companion by Andrea Robertson is also available on sale. Now in its second edition, this best-selling midwifery text explains how to give practical support to labouring women. It contains proven strategies for creating safe birth environments that encourage natural instinctive behaviours.

Next is Andrea’s book entitled Empowering Women. Aimed at giving you a start as a childbirth educator, Empowering Women provides the stimulus to try something different to your established routine. The book’s first part explains the basics of working with adults and offers hints on making your teaching style and presentation methods more effective. In addition, it will help with designing your program and experimenting with different formats. You will also learn how to write a lesson plan that will help you feel confident about your work.

We have more books on sale in our shop, so please check them out.

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Books On Sale