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DVD's On Sale

DVD's On SaleBirth International’s on-sale DVD products feature woman-centred care by midwives, with a range of birth settings and realistic portrayals of the childbirth and parenting experience. These are all helpful guides to witnessing the different experiences of birthing women.

We have included the Birth Stories DVD in this category. The DVD contains six videos telling a birth story, running between 10 and 16 minutes each. With these DVDs, you can witness the birth stories of six women. Their stories are inspirational, and you can learn from each woman’s experience.

Another DVD is the Giving birth and being born DVD. The DVD contains two parts: Part 1 shows a montage of women labouring and giving birth in a hospital setting in Vienna.

Part 2 explains the basics of the birth process, using video animation and short clips from Part 1 to illustrate the various topics.

To help you through labour, we have the Earth Garden CD. The gentle strings accompany occasional nature sounds, which gives the CD a more contemporary, grounding feel. It is perfect for relaxation, various therapies or background listening.

These are just some of the on-sale DVDs in Birth International’s shop. Check out our on-sale products to discover more.

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DVDs On Sale