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DocumentationEach pregnancy requires documentation, including antenatal and postnatal visits. By thoroughly recording the results of each checkup or visit, health professionals can precisely track the well-being of the woman and baby. In the Birth International shop, we have various products available to help you record your client’s data.

First, we have the newly available NSW Antenatal Record card, which provides space to record complete antenatal care information for every pregnant woman. Details on the attending health professional, date, age, and other pregnancy information, such as the last menstrual period and the agreed expected date of birth, are all listed. It also keeps track of antenatal screening tests, the woman’s current lifestyle choices, plus information on previous pregnancies.

We also have available a Regular Medication Chart with no carbon. You can record a client’s personal information, including medication, dose, frequency and even medication is taken before arriving at the hospital.

Correct documentation is vital for the health of both baby and mother and indicates the midwife’s dedication to quality care.

Please check out Birth International’s shop if you require more documentation products. In addition, we have many other midwifery supplies available.

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