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Birth EquipmentBirth International stocks many birth equipment products designed to support midwifery practice. So, please check out our vast range of birth equipment.

Our Elle TENS is one of the most advanced Labour TENS machines available to Australia’s mum-to-be. Produced by Body Clock Health Care, this leading obstetrics TENS machine was the first to introduce highly desired Opti-Max* technology. As a result, the easy-to-use TENS machine offers maximum pain relief during childbirth. Plus, with a large display, pre-set modes and an integrated boost button, the Elle TENS is a breeze to use.

For active birth, we have the birth support rope. Made especially for Birth International, the birth support rope is an ideal addition to the birthing room. Using a rope or cloth, pulling downwards in labour is an age-old tool designed to potentially shorten the second stage of labour by helping women maintain an upright position such as squatting or kneeling. The birth support rope is 600mm wide, and 3600mm long and comes in various colours.

Birth International also stocks the beautifully designed birthing wraps, the BoomMama B-Wrap. The wrap is designed by midwives, and has many beneficial uses in supporting women before, during and after labour.

That’s not all! We have more helpful products in our shop, so please take a look.

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