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Birth International offers gentle lighting options, including torches, galaxy globes and head torches for comfortable birthing.

Waterproof Torch for Midwives

Our waterproof torch is a dependable companion for midwives attending births in diverse settings. Moreover, this flashlight can withstand the challenges of childbirth, as it is crafted from durable aluminium and powered by batteries.

Moreover, its waterproof design makes it suitable for waterbirths and submersion, ensuring essential illumination even in challenging conditions. Midwives rely on the bright light of a torch to provide clear visibility during childbirth in low-light conditions. Caregivers can give the needed attention and care to the mother and newborn. This torch is versatile and ideal for supporting birthing mothers during labour with its 100-200 meter range, three switch modes, and adjustable focal length.

A Unique Birthing Environment Lighting Solution

We are introducing the Galaxy Globe – a unique birthing environment lighting solution in addition to our torches. Additionally, this globe-shaped fixture emits a soothing glow, creating a calming atmosphere for labour and delivery. Galaxy Globe’s custom brightness settings aid in a calming childbirth environment.

Hands-Free Illumination with Head Torch

Our Head Torch provides hands-free illumination for midwives during labour, offering focused lighting for examinations or repairs. Powered by L.E.D. technology and battery-operated, this portable torch is ideal for illuminating the perineal area and other critical tasks, ensuring efficient and effective care delivery.

Empowering Midwives and Improving Birth Outcomes Worldwide

Having a torch as a care provider is invaluable for successfully guiding a mother through birthing. Birth International supports safe childbirth with quality midwifery supplies. 

Enhance your birthing experience with Birth International’s store. Join us in our mission to empower midwives and improve birth outcomes worldwide.

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