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Midwifery Models

Midwifery Models Category Image With Birth International midwifery models, you can help students authentically experience birthing. These models are fantastic for simulating labour, delivery and more.

Our affordable Little Baby QCPR 4 Pack helps to improve training quality, learner engagement and classroom efficiency. The model has limbs with realistic movement and landmarks like nipples, ribs and breast tips. You can use this product with the QCPR Training App and Skill Guide, and it is also available in a single pack.

The Cervix Examination Set is a soft, lifelike plastic midwifery model (39.4 x 26 x 10.2cm) of the external female genitalia and includes a set of six interchangeable cervix simulations. It allows users to practice measuring the cervix before birth and is perfect for student training.

MamaBirthie is a realistic multi-scenario birthing simulator and skills trainer. It allows healthcare providers to refine their skills through simulated normal births, vaginal exams or more complicated scenarios such as breech, shoulder dystocia, vacuum-assisted and forceps-assisted births.

We also have a Placenta and Cord with Amniotic and Chorionic Sac, a valuable and helpful educational tool for midwives and childbirth educators. A convenient drawstring closes the sac, and the amniotic and chorionic membranes are detailed accurately in different colours.

We have more midwifery models  in our shop essential to your practice. Check it out now!

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Midwifery Models

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