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Hospital Birth

Hospital Birth DVDsBirth International offers a variety of carefully selected Hospital Birth DVDs, including presentations that show various stories and experiences of mothers giving birth at hospitals. The DVDs also investigate the use of water immersion during labour and explain caesarean delivery.

Birth Experiences: Veronica’s Caesarean Birth DVD explains the procedures during a planned Caesarean birth. This DVD is an excellent addition to childbirth education classes, helping parents visualize the caesarean delivery process. The film covers the admission procedure, going to the theatre, administration of a spinal anaesthetic, baby being lifted out (there are no close-up views of the surgery) and postnatal baby weighing. It also covers first contact with the mother, a view of the incision, the recovery ward, and the baby’s first breastfeeding.

Inner Strength DVD documents three women labouring naturally using all their internal resources to give birth, using water (one water birth), a midwife and their partner. It is raw, moving, joyous, exhilarating, noisy, powerful, and uplifting.

Our Mother touch: Nurturing Touch for Birth DVD explores the importance of touch during labour and birth. During four births, in the hospital and home setting, women explain the significance of the touch offered by caregivers and supporters in reducing pain, maintaining a calm approach and creating a positive outlook, with comments also from caregivers.

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