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Breastfeeding Charts

Breastfeeding ChartsBirth International stocks a range of promotional and instructional breastfeeding charts, which are ideal for prenatal programs and to display in various settings, including clinics. Our charts present different positions for breastfeeding babies and techniques to help nurse a baby successfully.

The Breastfeeding Positions Tear Pad shows different positions for nursing a baby. It has simple and easy-to-read text, highlighting the most important facts when latching a baby to the breast. In addition, two photos feature a newborn baby self-latching at their mother’s breast. The tear pad is an excellent resource for parents to take home from breastfeeding education.

The Attachment Key to Successful Breastfeeding Chart lists steps to good positioning and attachment and provides mothers with a visual reference as they learn to breastfeed. This chart is a laminated, medium-sized A3 Poster (425mm x 300mm).

We also have the Breastmilk – Baby’s Best Nutrition Chart, which has colourful images and text. The chart provides valuable information about breastmilk’s composition. For example, the illustrations on the chart show the differences between and explain the importance of colostrum, hindmilk and foremilk. Plus, it emphasizes the necessity for a baby to get a healthy head start in life.

These educational charts for breastfeeding are ideal for everyone learning and teaching breastfeeding strategies and issues. Visit our shop to see more of our products.

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