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Midwifery Education

Midwifery Education DVDs Category Image Birth International’s DVDs feature woman-centered care by midwives, a range of birth settings and realistic portrayals of the childbirth and parenting experience. Our Midwifery Education DVDs are also an excellent resource for midwives or other professionals conducting childbirth classes. With these, you can discuss and strengthen your knowledge of the skills an educator should possess.
The Mother and Baby DVD discusses the impact of supporting breastfeeding women today, especially concerning conflicting advice. The film then shows a consultation between Sue Cox, a lactation consultant, and a new mother who plans to breastfeed. The video also features a baby finding the nipple immediately after birth (a planned caesarean). In addition, the “correct attachment” is explained as the mother feeds her new baby.

The Lotus Birth DVD follows the Malcolm family preparing for their twins’ home lotus water birth. Family life with their other two children is shown, followed by fascinating footage of the deliveries as each baby is gently born and cuddled in the water. The management of the placenta and the lotus birth is also described.

These are just some of the Midwifery Education DVDs available in our shop. We also have DVDs that discuss the importance of a mother’s touch.

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