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Suture Equipment

Suture equipment includes sterile scissors, tissue forceps, needle holders, and sutures necessary for wound closure and healing. Essential dressing packs and specialised suture sets play a crucial role. They ensure efficient and hygienic wound closure during medical procedures. Additionally, our Maternity Suture Set equips midwives with the vital tools necessary for perineal suturing, enhancing their ability to provide care.

The custom kit includes the Multigate Micro Suture Pack and sterile, disposable instruments: Iris Scissors, Adson Tissue Forceps, and a Derf Needle Holder.

Following the suturing procedure, our Suture Removal Pack features Iris Scissors and Dressing Forceps for efficient and hygienic removal. Both packs are designed for single-use, prioritising patient safety and infection control.

We trust Terumo for its precision in hypodermic needles. Known for their sharpness and double-bevel design, these needles enhance patient comfort during procedures.

Coated VICRYL RAPIDE Suture ideally suits soft tissue approximation in midwifery, seamlessly complementing other tools.

Our Basic Dressing Pack, featuring sterile, latex-free essentials, ensures optimal care following patient procedures. Additionally, the Terumo Luer Slip Syringe, included in the pack, streamlines medication administration. Its transparent barrel facilitates precise dosing and makes measurement reading straightforward and accurate.

Steri Strips provide a noninvasive solution for closing wounds, ideally suited for minor lacerations and surgical incisions. Importantly, they require no anesthesia or special training to apply.

Our Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution 30ml ensures thorough wound cleansing, promoting optimal healing.

The Swabstick, which contains 70% Isopropyl alcohol and 2% Chlorhexidine, effectively sanitises the skin and helps prevent infections.

Our sterile instruments and solutions provide maternal care, from suturing to post-procedural care. We focus on patient safety, comfort, and efficiency in every selected product. We have many more suture equipment in our online store.

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Suture Equipment

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