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HollowareBirth International offers a range of essential Holloware. For example, you can use Holloware when giving injections, cleaning a client’s wound or stitches or during birth procedures, patient care and other activities.

The sterile Kidney Dish has a 700ml capacity, and as it is single-use, it reduces the infection risks. In addition, it is made from polypropylene, which is entirely recyclable. Because of the kidney dish’s shape, you can hold it near the client’s body to help catch any falling liquid or debris. The dish can carry small instruments during childbirth or other types of medical procedures. Plus, medical personnel use them to collect soiled dressings and different types of medical waste.

Birth International’s Slipper Bed Pan is wedge-shaped, which makes it easier to position clients who cannot stand up or sit on a commode or toilet. . Made using premium-quality plastic, the bedpan can be sanitised using an autoclave. When carried, the slipper bed pan’s integrated handle helps ensure that no liquid or other content is lost.

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