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Holloware is essential for medical procedures. Our range is committed to enhancing patient care, including sterile dishes, bedpans, and feeding cups. These tools guarantee hygiene and functionality in healthcare settings. Birth International’s reputation for excellence makes them a trusted choice for healthcare professionals seeking superior-quality Holloware instruments.

One of its standout offerings is the sterile Kidney Dish, an indispensable asset in any medical environment. Moreover, our 700ml dish is environmentally friendly, disposable, and prevents contamination. The Kidney Dish’s design is ingenious and versatile, serving multiple purposes. Its unique curve catches spills and debris and also holds small tools.

Birth International’s Slipper Bed Pan also embodies optimal functionality and patient comfort. Crafted with a wedge-shaped design, this bedpan facilitates ease of use for patients encountering difficulties with conventional commodes. Crafted from durable plastic, it withstands the rigours of daily use and can be efficiently sterilised via autoclave methods. Integrating a secure handle further enhances practicality, ensuring hassle-free transport and minimising the risk of spills.

Furthermore, the Laerdal Nifty Feeding Cup is for precise fluid or medication administration. The soft silicone material is gentle against the infant’s mouth and easy to use and clean, ensuring a comfortable feeding experience. Each pack comprises ten cups with a 40ml capacity, providing a reliable solution for accurate dosing and administration.

In conclusion, Birth International’s products aim for quality, functionality, and hygiene. It prioritises these principles for optimal patient care. Its sterile hollowware equipment includes dishes, pans, and cups. Our Hollowware tools set the standard for excellence in patient care.

Additionally, we invite you to visit our store to explore our extensive range of products.

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