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Birth Stools

Birth International offers Active birth products that enable women to be mobile and move freely during labour and birth. In addition, we have equipment that helps enhance a woman’s birth experience by keeping them active and allowing them to adopt different positions, which helps them manage contractions and improve labour progression.

Our Active Birth Stool also enables women to keep a comfortable yet upright position throughout labour and birth. As a stable piece of active birth furniture, it’s versatile and helps facilitate a secure and enjoyable birth experience during each stage of labour.

Birth International understands and cares about midwives. In addition to providing the best equipment for the mother during childbirth, we are also invested in enabling midwives to provide the best care possible. Buy now!

Birth Stools

Birth International will dispatch your order promptly. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to disruptions to postal services. Please be aware your order may be delayed!