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Novelties Category Image Birth International’s miscellaneous section is a range of products to suit your needs, including blankets, batteries, bags and other products essential to the midwifery or childbirth educator profession.

Look at our handy Educator’s portfolio bag, which is perfect for keeping your charts safe and sound. The Educator’s Portfolio Bag holds the Chart Binder, Birth International charts, desk sets, models and many others.

The Educator’s small kit bag is ideal for storing and carrying your pelvis, doll, videos and other teaching equipment during your working day. It is made of sturdy canvas in stylish purple.

If you own a Nursing FOB watch, you can buy Nursing FOB Watch Batteries. on our site. These batteries are also great for other watches and electronic devices like remotes, calculators, and medical and scientific measuring instruments.

Check out other products and enjoy shopping in Birth International’s store!

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