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For years, I embarked on a quest to find the ideal bag for my midwifery kit—a bag that would seamlessly organize all my essential gear while remaining practical and easily accessible. Then, during a postnatal visit a few years back, a client—an adept makeup artist—offered a game-changing suggestion: Zuca bags. Renowned among makeup artists for their functionality and organization, these bags promised to revolutionize my approach to carrying my midwifery supplies.

She was absolutely right. From the moment I laid my hands on my first Zuca bag, I was hooked. Its ingenious design effortlessly accommodated all my gear, ensuring that everything had its rightful place and could be retrieved with ease. The purple and black bags showcased in the center of this photo were particularly remarkable; their interior compartments were neatly organized and labeled, allowing me to swiftly locate any item at a moment’s notice. This level of organization proved invaluable, especially during emergencies, as I could direct a colleague to my bag with confidence, knowing they could swiftly access the required equipment even without prior familiarity with my kit.

But the benefits didn’t end there. The bags with the distinctive outside frames served a dual purpose—they doubled as convenient seats. This feature proved to be a lifesaver during postnatal visits, providing a seat whilst women can enjoy the comfort of their own bedroom.

The photo accompanying this message captures the entirety of the kit I relied on during my attendance at births—a testament to the efficiency and reliability of Zuca midwifery bags.

If you’re intrigued by the concept of Zuca midwifery bags and eager to explore their potential for enhancing your own practice, I invite you to visit Birth International’s website. There, you’ll find more information about these innovative bags and how they can elevate your midwifery experience.

Jane Palmer xxx
Midwife, Managing Director and Educator

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