You Were Made To Do This

It’s time to embrace the inherent power within you to bring your baby into the world. As a woman, you were designed with the innate strength and resilience needed for childbirth. That strength is not something you need to acquire; it’s already a part of who you are. You were made to do this.

However, the modern perception of birth has become overly medicalized, often portrayed in movies as a dramatic scene with a helpless woman lying on her back, surrounded by machinery and medical staff poised for intervention. This cascade of interventions can lead to soaring rates of cesarean births and leave women feeling disconnected and traumatized, as if they’ve lost touch with the natural process of childbirth.

Yet, when women are supported and respected to trust their bodies and their babies, they can tap into their deep reservoirs of strength—the very strength they’ve always possessed. For the majority of women, natural birth is not just possible but can lead to the most favorable outcomes for both mother and baby.

The key lies in surrounding yourself with a birth support team who truly believes in you and respects your wishes. Seek out individuals who are there not only to assist but also to uplift and care for you throughout your journey. With their support and your unwavering belief in yourself, you can navigate childbirth with confidence and grace.

You were made to do this.

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