What does TGA-registered mean as a midwife?

Have you purchased midwifery equipment overseas? Do you shop online for your midwifery supplies? Are your midwifery supplied TGA-registered?

What does TGA-registered mean as a midwife

Here in Australia, it’s essential to make sure you only purchase from an Australian supplier who only sells Therapeutic Goods Administration (or TGA as it’s better known) registered products.
Most midwifery products we use as the law defines midwives as medical devices. A medical device is an item that is used to diagnose, prevent, monitor, measure, or monitor medical conditions.
Any health professional using a medical device is subject to TGA regulations. TGA regulations are law in Australia.

If you plan to buy a medical device online, you must ensure it is a TGA-registered product.
Purchasing a medical device overseas automatically breaches TGA regulations. Importing a medical device into Australia that you haven’t registered through the TGA is a criminal offence if you use that product in your clinical practice.

You can make sure that you are purchasing TGA-registered products by taking the following four steps:
1. Do not purchase from an overseas source
2. Be wary of purchasing online – some websites look Australian-based but are run from different countries and don’t adhere to our regulations.
3. Check out any online supplier for their physical location
4. Ask your supplier if all their products are TGA-registered

Be wary of purchasing infant scales – many products on the market are not TGA-registered and are inaccurate in measuring.

At Birth International, we make sure our products are TGA-registered.

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