Want some guidance when buying your midwifery goodies?

Want some guidance when buying your midwifery goodies

Want some guidance when buying your midwifery goodies? I’ve just spent a wonderful 30 or so minutes with Ineka Morosini of Morosini Midwifery @morosinimidwifery, who has started a private midwifery practice in Newcastle, NSW.

We had a lot of fun not only exploring midwifery supplies but comparing notes of our experiences as a midwife. Me, I learned what midwifery is like in Newcastle. For Ineka, I showed her many different products and my own midwifery kit to help her sort out what she needs for her practice and her midwifery kit.

I welcome you, Ineka, to private midwifery practice. You are launching into the most rewarding career.
Launching into private midwifery practice for the first time is very exciting. I love supporting everyone who is taking this step.

After Ineka left, I thought, why don’t I offer my time to all midwives who want to check out the 1000s of products we sell and offer my expertise as a private midwife with many years of experience?

If you’d like some FREE support purchasing midwifery supplies from either Pregnancy Birth and Beyond or Birth International – call 02 9630 5357 and book an appointment with me. This is available in person at my warehouse in North Parramatta, NSW.

Jane xxx
Midwife, Managing Director and Educator

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