Three of the most used tools of a midwife

We’re excited to offer you a glimpse into the heart of our director Jane Palmer’s clinic room, where the essence of midwifery care comes to life. In this cozy and nurturing space, three of the most used tools of a midwife take center stage, each symbolizing the dedication and compassion that defines our approach to midwifery.

A Pinard: Listening to Life’s Rhythm

Three of the most used tools of a midwife

The first of the most used tool of a midwife is the Pinard. With its simple yet profound design, embodies this principle. With gentle precision, it amplifies the precious sounds of a baby’s heartbeat, guiding us through the journey of pregnancy with reverence and awe.

Model Fetal Doll: Bridging Understanding

Nestled among the tools is a model fetal doll, a tangible representation of the miracle of life unfolding. Beyond its physical form, this doll serves as a bridge for understanding and connection between expectant parents and the mysteries of pregnancy. Through its lifelike features, it invites exploration, dialogue, and a deeper appreciation for the wonders of creation.

Breast Model: Nurturing Support

Completing the trio of most used tools of a midwife is the breast model—a symbol of nurturing and sustenance. It embodies the fundamental role of breastfeeding in the journey of motherhood, offering both physical nourishment and emotional comfort. As midwives, we recognize the profound significance of breastfeeding and strive to provide unwavering support to mothers as they embark on this sacred bond with their babies.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of midwifery—a journey guided by love, respect, and the profound privilege of bearing witness to the miracle of life.

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