The Midwifery Duo

The Midwifery Duo

Two of our most loved books are Empowering Women and The Midwives Companion. This is a must-have midwifery duo.

Empowering Women will help you start as a childbirth educator and provide that stimulus to try something different in your established routine. The book’s first part explains the basics of working with adults and offers hints on making your teaching style and presentation methods more effective. Designing your program and experimenting with different formats is covered, and the basics of writing a lesson plan to help you feel confident in what you are doing are also explained.

The Midwife Companion explores the art of support during birth. The Midwife Companion is a best-selling midwifery text. It is now in its second edition, explaining how to provide practical support for labouring women. The text contains proven strategies for creating safe birth environments that encourage natural instinctive behaviours that enable physiological births to unfold.

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