Testing our Perineal Suture Model

In response to the frequent inquiry about the durability of our perineal suture model, our director, Jane Palmer, undertook a rigorous test to provide a tangible answer. Armed with two packets of suture material, Jane embarked on the challenge of suturing one model repeatedly. The resulting video captures this insightful test, offering a close-up view of the perineal suture model after undergoing six suturing sessions.

Jane’s meticulous technique involved repairing the perineal wound in three layers—addressing the vaginal wall, perineal muscle, and perineal skin, along with subcutaneous tissue. The chosen suture, a Coated VICRYL Suture 2-0, played a crucial role in the procedure.

The remarkable resilience displayed by the perineal suture model during these repeated suturing sessions left Jane thoroughly impressed. While the assurance of its endurance awaits further comprehensive testing, our preliminary estimate suggests that the model should withstand being sutured at least 18 times.

This commitment to robustness ensures that our perineal suture model not only meets but potentially exceeds expectations in terms of longevity and utility. As we continue to delve into further testing, we remain dedicated to providing products that stand up to the demands of medical training, offering reliability and durability for practitioners refining their skills.

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