Setting up in Private Midwifery Practice

So you have made the decision to begin setting up a private midwifery practice. That’s fantastic! Choosing to be a private practicing midwife may well be one of your most rewarding career moves. Shaking off the bonds of a hospital role can allow you to provide continuity of care for women. As well as this you can implement practices that support choice, dignity and control for mothers.

However, like all good things, these freedoms come at a cost. Setting up a private midwifery practice carries with it very real financial, physical, and logistical issues that your hospital-based counterparts do not face. However, most private midwives would agree that the hardships they endure are far outweighed by the rewards. This section of our website aims to assist you in negotiating the perils and pitfalls of setting up a private midwifery practice.

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Private Midwifery Practice Resources

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Your Private Practice Getting it Right Workshop

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