Sally Tracy

Sally Tracy trained as a midwife in New Zealand following the birth of her fourth child. After she returned to Australia, Sally carried out research both in hospital and community settings. She was a research midwife with the Australian Midwifery Action Project (AMAP). This was a major national initiative that spearheaded the movement towards the recognition of midwifery at national Government levels.

As a post doctoral research fellow within the Health Evaluation Research Outcomes Network (HERON) she has published studies on the safety of birth centres and on low volume maternity hospitals. In addition to this Sally has researched trends in obstetric intervention on low risk women using Australian national population data.

In 2003 Sally gained the world’s first Professional Doctorate in Midwifery at UTS. Professor Tracy was Associate Professor of Midwifery Practice Development with UTS and Northern Sydney Central Coast Health. Here she led the implementation and evaluation of a caseload midwifery group practice. She was most recently Associate Professor (conjoint) at the University of New South Wales

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