Unexpected Outcomes Activity


Everything about labour and birth could be seen as “unexpected” given the unpredictable nature of the process. This activity offers guidance on introducing and managing this topic with a birth preparation program, including discussion starters and wrap up suggestions. Compile your own local resources parent handout using the CD included in the pack.

Unexpected Outcomes Insert

Unexpected Outcomes Insert is part of the Unexpected Outcomes Activity.

Community Resources CD

Community Resource CD provides a list of services, help, and information in our community that are relevant and useful for parents.

Unexpected Outcomes Activity

Unexpected Outcomes Activity aims to explore the issue of unforeseen outcomes of all kinds in pregnancy, birth and more.

Welcome to Holland

Welcome to Holland is written by Emily Kingsley, a parent of a child with down syndrome. She tries to comfort other parents who are struggling to accept their special needs situations.

Activity Satchel Small

The Activity Satchel is a plastic container for your charts, worksheets and other valuable things to keep it clean and dust-free. Available in small, medium, and large, which fits your needs.