The Essential Educator Kit Parenting 1 and 2


A complete package for presenting two childbirth education sessions on the theme of parenting. It contains everything needed to effectively facilitate an interactive, engaging program, with full instructions, teaching notes, equipment for the various activities and helpful hints.

Preparing for Birth Mothers × 5

The NEW sixth edition of this best-selling resource for parent education programs Preparing for Birth Mothers offers a simple, concise guide to pregnancy, birth and parenting a new baby.

Breastfeeding Basics Chart

This chart shows the basics of breastfeeding on one chart:
  • the anatomy and physiology of the breast
  • correct latching position plus
  • various ways to hold the baby while feeding.

BabyBabyOhBaby Breastfeeding DVD PAL

Beautifully produced, with a very modern, professional flair, the film covers breastfeeding basics, beginning with the baby crawl immediately after birth.

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Educator's Small Kit Bag

The perfect place for storing and carrying your pelvis, doll, videos and other teaching equipment. Made of sturdy canvas in stylish purple.

Breast Model Pink

The breast model pink is ideal for demonstrating different breastfeeding techniques and breast care.

Label for Parenting 1-2 × 2

Label for Parenting 1-2 helps you organise and identify your things more neatly and efficiently, a good use for personal and professional.

Community Resources CD

Community Resource CD provides a list of services, help, and information in our community that are relevant and useful for parents.

Crying Baby CD

The crying Baby CD is an educational tool used for different activities and discussions. It is a continuous baby cries, natural and convenient to use.

Suggestion Box

Suggestion box's corrugated cardboard construction is lightweight yet sturdy and durable. It is easy to set up and ready to use.

Facilitator's Handbook

Facilitator's Handbook consists of the different strategies and techniques on how to manage and facilitate activities effectively.

Soft Ball

Birth International's soft ball is ideal to use in an ice breaker activity. The ball is small and soft - so is ideal to use inside a room.

Earths Garden CD

Earth Garden's relaxing music is dedicated to the Plant Kingdom that sustains our Planet Earth. This album contains Nature Sounds scattered throughout.

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Cloth bag with Birth International Logo

Cloth bag with Birth International Logo helps you carry essential items like kit sets, clothes, charts and other things.

Name Tags Set of 6 Sheets

This name tag is a six-sheet set that is ideal for different sessions and activities. Name tags make it easier to identify your colleagues and members.

Box of Pencils

This box of pencils with miniature sizes is suitable for your different writing activities within childbirth education classes.

Blank Index Cards

Blank Index Cards consist of 100 sheets in 76x127mm dimensions. This index card is suitable for note-taking and flashcard use for professionals and students.

Parenting 1 Session Outline

Parenting 1 Session Outline is designed for professionals and educators to use as an outline for the first entire Parenting session.

Name Line Up

Name Line Up is an interactive activity designed for different sessions. Making it more engaging, a way of getting to know all the attendees.

Group Guidelines

Group Guidelines aims to establish a set of guidelines enabling the group to function comfortably and with inclusivity.

Parenting Agenda Instruction Sheet

Parenting Agenda Instruction Sheet forms part of Birth International's The Essential Educator Kit Parenting 1 and 2.

Being a parent today

Being a parent today is an activity used to explore expectations of parenthood. This activity enables the educator to encourage the participants for brainstorming.

Job Description

Job Description is an activity that helps professionals and educators. It enables them to learn the expectations and reality of each partner about being a parent.

Postnatal grab bag

The postnatal grab bag is a fun activity raising important postnatal issues, dealing with stress and practical problems.

Settling the Baby

Settling the Baby activity is a valuable and fun way of compiling ideas for calming a baby. Professionals and educators can do it in different types of programs.

Breast and Formula Feeding

Breast and Formula Feeding is an activity exploring the advantage and disadvantages of breast and formula feeding.

Suggestion Box Instruction Sheet

Suggestion Box Instruction Sheet gives a comprehensive guide on conducting the suggestion box - hopes and fears activity.

Thinking about the Future

Thinking about the Future is an activity for parents to review their ideas about parenting based on different aspects.

Twenty Answers

Twenty Answers is an interactive activity that educators can use. It exposes the issue of conflicting advice that parents will discover when they have a baby.

Making Decisions as a Parent Activity Booklet

Making Decisions as a Parent Activity Booklet forms part of The Essential Educator Kit Parenting 1 and 2.

Thinking About the Future Tear Pad

This pad of worksheets forms the basis for a parenting activity.  This pad is included in the Parenting 1 and 2 Essential Educator Kit, along with instructions on facilitating the activity. A4 size, 100 sheet per pad.

Job Description Tear Pad

This worksheet can be used to stimulate discussion and facilitate small group work in parenting education programs.  This worksheet forms part of the Parenting 1 and 2 Essential Educator Kit, which also contains instructions on how to use the worksheets. A4 pad of 100 sheets.

Feelings Evaluation Tear Pad

This pad of tear-off worksheets offers an elegant, simple way to quickly determine the feelings of participants in a group. This pad is part of the Labour and Birth Essential Educator Kit. A4 size, 100 sheets in a tear-off pad.

Session Summary A5 Tear Pad

This handy tear-off pad enables educators to keep track of the interactions, topics and information shared in each session of a parent education series. These reminder notes will also enable better communication and co-ordination when several facilitators present different aspects of the overall program. A5 pad of 100 single sided sheets.

Parenting 2 Session Outline Booklet

Parenting 2 Session Outline is a great partner for every educator who has taught Parenting 1 to have a smooth and continuous discussion for the Parenting 2 session.

Breastfeeding topic outline

The breastfeeding topic outline is a comprehensive and informative guide for every educator in tackling and exploring breastfeeding.

Fatherhood Activity

Fatherhood Activity is a great partner for educators in emphasizing fatherhood. This activity allows and gives opportunity to men in exploring different issues and such.

Fatherhood Instruction Sheet

The fatherhood Instruction Sheet is a guide on having a fun, interactive and engaging activity for fathers.

Fatherhood Cards

Fatherhood Cards are great partners for every educator who conduct sessions emphasizing fatherhood. These cards are suitable for every fatherhood activity.

Changing Lifestyles Topic Outline

Changing Lifestyles Topic Outline is a guide for every educator. This outline helps them in teaching expectant parents about the potential changes to their lifestyles.

Say Hello ball toss

Say Hello ball toss is an activity that works well for groups of up to twenty people. This activity enables an easy way of welcoming the participants back to the group.

Life for my partner

Life for my partner activity is a singe sex group discussion. This activity allows individuals to open up, hearing different views and opinions.

Clock Exercise Activity

Clock Exercise Activity is an effective way for educators in alerting expectant parents. This activity opens them to the realities of having a newborn in the house.

Changing Responsibilities Activity

Changing Responsibilities Activity guides educators to have an interactive discussion. This activity provides an opportunity to explore issues about different roles and responsibilities.

Take A Stand Activity Instruction Sheet

Take A Stand Activity Instruction Sheet forms part of Birth International's Take A Stand Activity.

Take A Stand A4 Floor Cards

Take a stand A4 floor cards are part of Birth International's Take a Stand Activity.

Take a Stand A6 Statements

Take a Stand A6 Statements are useful cards for educators. These cards express and show different scenarios to hear the expectant parents opinions.

Unexpected Outcomes Activity

Unexpected Outcomes Activity aims to explore the issue of unforeseen outcomes of all kinds in pregnancy, birth and more.

Welcome to Holland

Welcome to Holland is written by Emily Kingsley, a parent of a child with down syndrome. She tries to comfort other parents who are struggling to accept their special needs situations.

Parenting Alphabet Activity

Parenting Alphabet Activity is a good way for every educator to start or end every parenting session.

Clock Exercise Tear Pad

This pad of 100 double sided sheets can be used to facilitate a teaching activity in prenatal parent education programs to highlight the changes a new baby will bring to daily routines.

Sharing the Load Tear Pad

This pad of 100 double sided sheets can be used to facilitate a teaching activity in prenatal parent education programs to highlight the changes a new baby will bring to daily routines.

Touching Base Evaluation Tear Pad

A useful evaluation tool for prenatal education programs - it enables the facilitator to obtain feedback on the session, plus find out what participants would like included in future sessions. A4 size pad of 100 sheets.

T-Shirt Large Size 22 Baby Design

T-Shirt Large Size 22 Baby Design

Cell Cards and Embossed Womb Group Card Sets of 2

Cell Cards and Embossed Womb Group Card Sets of 2 are suitable for different educational activities and discussions.

Activity Satchel Large × 2

The Activity Satchel is a plastic container for your charts, worksheets and other valuable things to keep it clean and dust-free. Available in small, medium, and large, which fits your needs.

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