Teaching Breastfeeding Activity


This pack contains an outline for effectively covering the basics of breastfeeding.

Teaching Breastfeeding Activity Insert

Teaching Breastfeeding Activity Insert

Breastfeeding Basics Chart

This chart shows the basics of breastfeeding on one chart:
  • the anatomy and physiology of the breast
  • correct latching position plus
  • various ways to hold the baby while feeding.

BabyBabyOhBaby Breastfeeding DVD PAL

Beautifully produced, with a very modern, professional flair, the film covers breastfeeding basics, beginning with the baby crawl immediately after birth.

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Breastfeeding topic outline

The breastfeeding topic outline is a comprehensive and informative guide for every educator in tackling and exploring breastfeeding.

Breast Model Pink

A new design that better illustrates the internal structures of the lactating breast. The outer covering folds back to reveal the arrangement of the ducts and alveoli plus the layer of fat underneath the skin. The model can be used on its own or with the Lactessa or New Baby Doll to demonstrate positioning of the baby at the breast.

3 in stock

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