Settling the Baby Activity


Expectant parents often worry about how they will settle a crying baby. This is an effective learning activity for tackling this issue in a fun and practical way. Includes a CD ROM of a crying newborn baby, full instructions, aims and learner outcomes and presentation ideas.

Settling the Baby Insert

Settling the Baby Insert is part of the Settling the Baby Activity.

Crying Baby CD

The crying Baby CD is an educational tool used for different activities and discussions. It is a continuous baby cries, natural and convenient to use.

Settling the Baby

Settling the Baby activity is a valuable and fun way of compiling ideas for calming a baby. Professionals and educators can do it in different types of programs.

Activity Satchel Small

The Activity Satchel is a plastic container for your charts, worksheets and other valuable things to keep it clean and dust-free. Available in small, medium, and large, which fits your needs.