La Bassine Regular Birth Pool Deluxe Kit


Our La Bassine Regular Birth Pool Deluxe Kit includes 12 items that include everything you need to inflate, fill and empty a birth pool.

La Bassine Regular Birth Pool

A truly new concept in the birthing pools, La Bassine Regular Birth Pool was designed by a mum to create an intimate and soothing birth environment

La Bassine Birth Pool Liner

Eco-friendly La Bassine Birth Pool Liner is perfect for the pool to be reused or hired. This liner fits both regular and professional pools.

La Bassine Pool Cover

La Bassine Pool Cover will help maintain the water temperature in your pool, by significantly reducing heat loss. Cover only. Birth pool is not included.

Monarch Protective Plastic Sheet

These handy drop sheets are also great for covering your lounge, bed, or any surface you think baby might be born onto and clean up in a snap!

Electric Air Pump

This Electric air pump can be used to fill up a birth pool quickly and easily. Includes a 3 valve adaptor so can be used on various valves. Perfect also to use when deflating a birth pool.

Drinking Water Hose 10 metres

This 10 metre drinking water hose is the safe way to fill up your birth pool. This drinking water grade hose will not transfer any unwanted bacteria, lead, phthalates or cadmium that may be found in a regular garden hose.

Tap Connector for Indoor Taps

Tap Connector for Indoor taps is an ideal way to attach a hose to an internal tap to fill a waterbirth pool. It makes attaching a hose easy.

Neta 12mm Plastic Hose Connector × 2

The Neta 12mm Plastic Hose Connector is the ideal fitting to use when attaching a hose to our Adaptor for Indoor Taps.

Debris Scoop Small 12cm

These debris scoops are perfect for removing unwanted debris from your birth pool or bath. The handle is metal and is 18cm long. The net itself is 10cm.

Fish Bath Thermometer

This is an accurate and easy to read thermometer that reads in Celsius. Great for birth pools or for baby's bath! The recommended water temperature for a water birth should not exceed 37 degrees Celsius.

Birth Pool Drainer

The Birth Pool Drainer is a pump that operates underwater without electricity. It utilises the pressure of a garden hose to create suction and pump water.