Ice Breaker Activity


The formation of strong group bonds among expectant parents enhances the effectiveness and value of preparation for parenthood programs. This pack contains six activities designed to promote group cohesion, through ice breakers and warm up exercises related to the topics being discussed in the program at large.

Icebreakers Insert

Icebreaker Insert is part of Birth International's Icebreakers Activity.

Soft Ball

Birth International's soft ball is ideal to use in an ice breaker activity. The ball is small and soft - so is ideal to use inside a room.

Cloth bag with Birth International Logo

Cloth bag with Birth International Logo helps you carry essential items like kit sets, clothes, charts and other things.

Name Line Up

Name Line Up is an interactive activity designed for different sessions. Making it more engaging, a way of getting to know all the attendees.

Say Hello ball toss

Say Hello ball toss is an activity that works well for groups of up to twenty people. This activity enables an easy way of welcoming the participants back to the group.

Icebreaker Sharing Expectations Activity

The Icebreaker Sharing Expectations Activity Instruction Sheet forms part of Birth Internation's Ice Breaker Activity.

Goody Bag For Labour Activity

Goody Bag For Labour Activity is an excellent ice breaker for every labour and birth session, making it more interactive.

Favourite Labour and Birth Book Activity

Favourite Labour and Birth Book Instruction Sheet

Icebreaker "I'm Looking Forward To" Activity

Icebreaker "I'm Looking Forward To" Activity instruction sheet

Activity Satchel Medium

The Activity Satchel is a plastic container for your charts, worksheets and other valuable things to keep it clean and dust-free. Available in small, medium, and large, which fits your needs.

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