Fetal Doll Pink with Placenta, Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model


This “Starter kit” of a pink fetal doll with detachable placenta and cord  plus deluxe flexible pelvis forms the basic teaching equipment required by childbirth educators.  These models can be used to demonstrate: positions of the baby at term, the birth process,effect of different positions on the progress of labour, posterior labours and breech birth. These dolls have fontanelles.

Fetal Doll Pink with Placenta

Birth International's fetal doll pink with placenta model has a soft body, a vinyl head with fontanelles and  hands and feet that fold neatly for demonstrations

Deluxe Flexible Pelvis Model

Shown in accurate detail, this pelvis model can be manipulated to demonstrate how the pelvis moves to accommodate delivery. Flexible anatomy allows exaggerated movements for presenting to a group.

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